For almost 100 years God has faithfully provided for us a home away from home at our beloved Holy Trinity.  It’s a home where we worship together in the rich traditions of the Orthodox Christian faith and share our heritage with our community.  It’s a home in which we choose to raise our children, create life-long friendships, celebrate baptisms, weddings and the lives of those that have passed before us.


THANK YOU for being a special part of our Holy Trinity family!

On behalf of Father George Gartelos, the Parish Council and the entire church community, we hope and pray that you’re enjoying a blessed holiday season filled with love, family and friends. We are truly grateful that you are part of our Holy Trinity family!

In this season of generosity and gratitude, we are humbled by the impact made possible because of your dedication and support of our new Community Center. Since the completion of our building project the end of September, we have already had multiple events in our new community center beginning with our Ribbon Cutting Celebration, followed by our annual Greek Festival, Thanksgiving Celebration, First Annual Sports Day and community Talent Show. We will finish off the year with a New Years Eve party to celebrate this past year’s incredible accomplishments as well as many more exciting events and opportunities to come together as a community in 2018 including several weddings and baptisms!

We are thrilled to report that our projected costs of $2 million to build our new community center came in under budget! In addition, we have exceeded our projected 2016/17 fundraising goal! So what does that mean? That means that as of December 28, 2017, our mortgage from the bank would be $1.2 million with a payment of $9,571. But wait – here is more good news! We actually have until the end of February 2018 to raise money before we are required to finalize the mortgage. So the more money we have in hand by the end of February – the less our monthly payment will be!

Your continued gifts, of any amount, will help our community thrive as we proceed forward – BUILDING FOR OUR FUTURE! If you haven’t made a donation or would like to gift  a little something more, you can make your year-end tax deductible gift before December 31, 2017 online by clicking here or mailing to the address below. Your support has given our community an opportunity to spend more time together and experience a renewed love and appreciate for our Holy Trinity family. In fact, you’ve helped change the lives of many. Thank you for all that you do!


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Our new Community Center will feature a flexible, multi-use design offering  

  • Approximately 9,500 square feet
  • Banquet Hall and Youth Activity Center
  • Event space for 325 guests
  • Stunning glass windows overlooking downtown Tulsa
  • Room for Sunday School, Greek School, Greek Dance practice, conferences or meetings
  • Commercial kitchen for banquets, luncheons, receptions and an area for smaller events
  • Youth Activity room suitable for volleyball, basketball, kickball, soccer, volleyball, dodge ball and other fun filled activities
  • A gathering space for community outreach efforts
  • Integrated Audio/Visual Equipment
  • Organized storage
  • New parking lot



For almost 100 years God has faithfully provided for us a home away from home at our beloved Holy Trinity.  It’s a home where we worship together in the rich traditions of the Orthodox Christian faith and share our heritage with our community.  It’s a home in which we choose to raise our children, create life-long friendships, celebrate baptisms, weddings and the lives of those that have passed before us.


In the 1920’s, a small group of immigrants laid the cornerstones of our foundation and, brick upon brick, they built our future. The original parish of Holy Trinity was born through faith, sacrifice, hard work and determination. In the 1960’s, our loved ones continued to build for our future by erecting an event hall and building a new church.  But it doesn’t stop there.  In 2001, yet again the community came together to build the Stavros Learning Center, offices and an educational room. And most recently, in 2014, we completed our magnificent Iconostasis. What amazing things have been accomplished by our small parish!


We are forever indebted to our generous forefathers and current parishioners who had the bold, unwavering vision to Build for our Faith, for our Fellowship, for our Family and for our Future.

Through the generations our old hall has served us well, but time has taken its toll. Physically, financially and spatially, our current hall is struggling to provide for the demands of our growing parish. It is also in constant need of repair, thus consuming monies that could otherwise be directed towards programs such as our dance groups, Sunday School, Greek School, GOYA, JOY, HOPE, Education, Outreach, Choir or Ministries and more!


With your input and countless hours of work, plans for the new hall have been developed and construction estimates are coming in! Now it’s our turn to prayerfully resume our forefathers’ journey to BUILD for our FAITH, for our FELLOWSHIP, for our FAMILY and for our FUTURE.




The total costs for the building project is estimated to be $2,000,000 as follows:

  • Building Cost with contingency = $1,322,219
  • Construction management = $249,325
  • Kitchen Allowance = $250,000
  • Insurance = $13,470 (Liability & WC = $8,980, Builders Risk = $4,490)
  • Site Survey = $5,400
  • Permitting = $11,974
  • Architect = $120,000
  • Estimated Financing Fees (appraisal, closing, etc.) = $25,000 
  • Misc = $2,000


Construction costs will be met through a combination of fundraising and financing. Our fundraising is well under way and our Capital Campaign efforts will continue to raise the remainder of the funds needed for the completion of the community center.  The more money we can raise, the less we have to borrow!


We need a bridge loan for the months that the project is being built.  The more pledges we receive, and the faster we receive them, the less of the bridge loan will be used.  The Bridge loan will be in the form of a “Credit Line” that we draw down on as needed.   As we borrow funds, our loan will incur interest only on the amount of money we borrow until the building is completed.  At that time, the loan will be converted to a regular commercial mortgage with monthly payments.


Did we mention the more money we can raise up front, the more money we will save in the long run???


YES!!!! Our parish has the proven the capacity to raise the needed funds through the generosity of our members and our annual fundraising events such as the festival and Tulsa Tough.


We will break ground in early 2017 with an estimated completion date of Fall 2017.


There are several options available to make a financial contribution.  Your contribution can be immediate or may be paid out.


Fill out a “Gift Intent Letter


In addition to cash contributions, gifts of stocks, bonds, other securities, real estate, etc. are possible.


Contact Father George or Tonya Boone directly – We would be more than happy to meet with you personally to discuss the project and answer your questions.


Whatever option you choose, please remember that the amount of your contribution is not nearly as important as all of us working together to reach our goal of building the new facilities for our future.  Together we can do this!!

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Unless you wish to remain anonymous, your contribution to the campaign will be recognized by a personal letter and acknowledged in our Church publications. Also we plan to have a “Wall of Honor” located in the hallway area of the new Community Center to honor those that contribute.  If you have chosen to remain anonymous, your contribution will be listed as such.


In addition, several naming opportunities are offered to anyone who is interested in dedicating an area or a room, or in honor or memory of a loved one. Please see additional information in the following pages.


The existing hall will continue to serve in its current capacity until the new facilities are complete. At that time it will be demolished to make room for the new hall and parking lot.


This community center is about more than structures, it’s about our future. We invite you to join us in our journey to preserve and enhance our heritage as we step out in faith to build for our friends, families, our community, our children and our children’s children.   Please prayerfully consider joining us in this journey. You all are pillars of this community and this can only be accomplished with your involvement, your prayers and your support.  Like those before us, through faith, sacrifice, hard work and determination WE WILL SUCCEED and BUILD for our FUTURE!

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Plumbing In
Concrete Pour at 4AM
Early AM Concrete Pour

Metal Deck Installed



We are forever indebted to the generous parishioners, organizations, and friends who had the bold, unwavering vision to Build for our Faith, for our Fellowship, for our Family and for our Future. Sincerest thanks to the following whose gifts to the building fund provided the very foundation of the new
Holy Trinity Community Center


In addition to the generous donations and pledges already received that have laid the foundation of our new building, we still have the following items that we need additional donations to cover. If you would like to donate specifically to these items, please contact Father George or Tonya Boone.

Naming/Donation Opportunities # Available Level Reserved
Banquet Hall 1 $500,000 No
Youth Activity Room 1 $200,000 Yes
Heritage Hall – Entry Hallway 1 $100,000 No
Multi Purpose Meeting Room 1 $25,000 Yes
Banquet Hall Tile 1 $25,000 Yes
Banquet Hall Lighting 1 $25,000 Yes
BBQ/Grilling Area 1 $20,000 No
Banquet Hall Doors 1 $15,000 No
Loukoumades Room 1 $15,000 Yes
Storage Room 1 $10,000 No
Electronic Window Shades/Banquet Hall 1 $10,000 Yes
Banquet Hall North Windows 2 $7,500 No
Banquet Hall East Windows 4 $5,000 2 reserved
Garden East of Banquet Hall 1 $5,000 Yes
Garden North of Banquet Hall 1 $5,000 Yes
Legacy Walkway (12″ x 12″ Pavers) 2 $1,000 38 reserved
Legacy Walkway (8″ x 8″ Pavers) 55 $300 35 reserved
Legacy Walkway (4′ x 8″ Pavers) 444 $150 58 reserved

The following items are needed, though not part of the original budget, but are on our WISH LIST

Item # Available Amount Reserved
Sound System for Banquet Hall 1 $10,000 No
Flat Screen Monitor for Heritage Hall 1 $2,800 No
Volleyball Net System for IYAC 1 $2,000 Yes
Striping Painted on Floor for IYAC 1 $1,500 Yes
Projector 1 $1,800 Yes
Basketball Hoop 2 $1,500 Yes
Speakers for IYAC 2 $1,000 No
Racking System to Store Tables 2 $500 No
Various Balls (basketballs, volleyballs, etc) for IYAC 1 $300 No
60″ Round Tables 25 $300 9 Reserved
CD/DVD Player 1 $250 No
Padding for Walls IYAC
Under Hoop 1 1 $300 Yes
Under Hoop 2 1 $300 Yes
Around Bump Out 1 $180 Yes
Chairs 200 $50 No

Together we will Build for our Faith, for our Fellowship, for our Family, and for our Future

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Building For Our Future Committee

Father George Gartelos – frgeo@htgoctulsa.org

Tonya Boone – tboone@ekkoranch.com

Diana Capehart

Andrea Hutchinson

Pope Kingsley

Mary Zartaludes

Karol Andrew

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